Blood + Review

Number of episodes: 50

Status: Finished

Summary: Saya Otonashi is a usual high-school student and a member of the track and field club. One day, she learns of monsters called chiropterans and discovers she is the only one who can defeat them. However, after she leaves on a mission to destroy the monsters, she discovers something that turns her world upside down.

This was one of the first anime I watched and the first supernatural one.

The characters were well formed, with their own personality and little habits. There are though some inconsistences here and there that I can’t expand on, due to them being spoilers but they aren’t major.

The plot, while usual in the fight between the good guys and the bad guys, had certain twists that made the lines blur. You wondered who the good guys were after all. The writers explained most, if not all, of the information that seemed out of nowhere for you. There were also a few clichés, mostly in the romantic section.

The animations were well made, however, there were some scenes they needed to work on a bit more, because there were either people or items missing suddenly.

The openings and endings were all very well made, though few for an anime with so many episodes. After a while, they start tiring you out, making you skip the opening and the ending.

What made this anime really special is that the idea behind it was very original. I have watched only one other anime that has some similarities to it, but it was just the general idea.

A minus is that it lacks the realism other anime have, but personally, I didn’t mind it that much. I was too immersed in the anime to even notice them until the third time I watched it. Other people might mind that however.

The overall rating I give this anime is 8/10. While I loved it, I think there were some episodes that they could have made even better.

I suggest it to people who love supernatural themed anime, who aren’t averse to gore, don’t mind the lack of realism nor do they mind some clichés here and there.


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