I am Ana and I am 19 and I am Zafina and I am 21. We met back in 2015, at an Anime Con named RUN in Thessaloniki, Greece. RUN is a greek manga by the way. We are greeks through and through with a passion for Japan whether it’s its culture, traditions, language, anime or manga.

Ana is a writer, whether it’s fanfiction or original. Her passions are writing, obviously, martial arts, horse – riding, learning foreign languages, dancing and, of course, watching anime and reading manga. 

Zafina is a university student. She loves to draw though she’s a perfectionist so it’s taking a while to complete something (Hey!). Her hobbies are basketball, taking care of horses, watching anime, reading manga and crying during movies (During everything, you mean…). She also likes singing and listening to music. Personally, I believe she has an amazing voice (Thanks…).